Exploit your Grain to its’ full potential.

“Fish” in modern aquaculture undergo many stress causing factors. Rapid growth expectations in a condensed time frame also affect the digestive system of fish. The fish digestive system is rather simplistic, unfamiliar to cope up with these new demands.

Fish like Tilapia, carps & catfish are naturally deficient in digestive enzymes as in nature they are plankton or detritus feeders and are rarely required to digest complex formulated diets. Exogenous Enzymes are now a well-proven and successful tool that helps in complete & proper digestion of feed nutrients in fishes.

EN-Aqua* is a potent combination of Direct Acting Enzymes. EN-Aqua* makes proteins, fats & starches available to the fish in more simplified formats of amino acids, lipids & sugars respectively, thus easing nutrition uptake. The overall effect is improved feed utilization and a more ‘healthy’ growth rate.


  • EN-Aqua* opens up locked nutritional values in feed.
  • Proper utilization of feed reduces wastage.
  • Low pond bottom pollution due to complete utilization of feed.
  • EN-Aqua* increases growth rate  & reduces F.C.R.
  • EN-Aqua* shortens the grow out time.
  • EN-Aqua* allows feed producers to substitute animal protein with plant protein to a large extent providing a economical solution for least cost formula of feed.
  • EN-Aqua*  can added to the feed either as top coat or as a premix
  • Can be safely used with other feed premixes like vitamins, minerals etc.

Feeding recommendations: Dosage of any multi enzyme combination depends on stage and age of the animal, composition of feed, expected effect on specific feed components and form of feed. Please consult your Nutritionist or Aquaculture expert for specific dosage

Inclusion rate: 500 gms/ ton of feed
Storage: Store in dry, ventilated and cool place. If there is remainder in the bag after opened, sealed store is necessary, avoid moisture.
Precautions:Mix-transportation or storage with toxic substance is forbidden
Presentation: Powder, 500 gms jar.