Healthy Prawn…Healthy Pond!!!

Prawn, a bottom dwelling animal, is deeply affected by deterioration of pond bottom, affecting the growth rate or in some cases causes mortality.
Use of chemicals to improve pond bottom conditions are slowly turning ineffective. Moreover overuse of chemicals have shown to reduce pond fertility in successive crops.
Amigo* is a balance of Natural Deodorizers which bind significantly large amounts of ammonia without harming the natural ecosystem of the pond.
Natural Deodorizers like plant based glycocomponents in Amigo* trap the obnoxious gases, swiftly improving pond bottom conditions. Amigo* is especially useful in pockets within the pond bottom which tend to get anaerobic, like pond bottom edges or centre of the pond.

Amigo* is very easy to use, application non-laborious & does not need brewing or soaking. Amigo* is popular because of it’s quick action in neutralizing anaerobic conditions at the pond bottom



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