The attack of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (H.P.A.I.) has bought the focus back on effective biosecurity. Biosecurity is one of the main weapons to prevent this disease.

H.P.A.I. can be spread via feces from infected birds, clothing or equipment. Therefore, it’s very important to control traffic between infected and uninfected farms/birds. During outbreaks, correct application of cleaning and disinfecting procedures is very important.

Supreme* is a broad spectrum non-irritating disinfectant. Due to its deodorizing & detergent action it is extremely popular in disinfecting sheds, farms, vans, clothing & farm equipment.

Supreme* has a very rapid rate of action and is very effective for quick cleansing.  Supreme* leaves a residual effect, after being applied to a surface. It continues to have an eradication effect for a few    hours or even a day after it has dried. Works best in an alkaline environment.