A little every day goes a long, long way

The gut is a fundamental organ which carries out two equally important functions, i.e. digestion & infection prevention. A healthy gut is essential for efficient conversion of feed for optimal nutrient absorption. If gut health is compromised, digestion & nutrient absorption will be affected, and fish  performance & health will be threatened.

To elicit well-functioning & healthy gut, a multi-pronged approach is necessary, from the point of view of immunology, microbiology & nutrient absorption.

ProDense* is a synergestic combination of probiotic Gram positive Bacillus bacteria along with direct acting enzymes

ProDense* is designed to act in 2 ways.

  1.  Direct Acting Enzymes increase nutrient availability & absorption of feed nutrients in fish.
  2.  Gram positive Bacillus probiotic bacteria in  ProDense* ensures rapid propagation and stabilization of favorable gut microflora enhancing immunity Regular use of ProDense* ensures that the fish remain healthy and achieve good growth without disease interruption.