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The digestive system of fish & prawn is rather simplistic. Shrimp & Fish are naturally deficient in digestive enzymes and are incapable to digest complex animal & plant based diets.

Shrimp Digestive organs in modern aquaculture are under tremendous strain and cave in to mild infections

White Fecal matter in shrimp is due to the atrophied hepato-pancreas. These white coloured strands originate by sloughing from epithelial cells of the shrimp hepato-pancreatic tubules. In addition to white feces, infected shrimp show a loose exoskeleton, acute weakness and shriveled appearance.

FATTEN* is a potent combination of nutrient solubilizing blenders that transform complex proteins, fats & starches in easily absorbable form of amino acids, lipids and sugars, thus easing nutrition uptake.

FATTEN* ensures complete digestion and absorption of nutrients