Healthy Prawn…Healthy Pond!!!

Accumulation of degrading organic load deteriorate water quality. Excessive ammonia, reduces D.O., stressing animals & increases susceptibility to diseases.

Massive amounts of dissolved organic matter leach out from rich feeds & remain suspended in pond water. The entire water column, becomes an excellent medium of rich degrading organic load constantly exposed to opportunistic pathogenic bacteria

Probiotics consume organic waste & leached nutrients, preventing accumulation of harmful ammonia, nitrite & nitrate. APEX* Probiotics are the simplest, most cost effective way to improve your production and profits.

APEX* is a unique concentrated consortium of probiotic organisms for keeping ponds clean. Cultures in APEX* are resistant to high salt tolerance, large pH variations and are stable to temperature fluctuations, making them unique for Aquaculture applications. Probiotics in APEX* are embedded in a rich media base which augments their growth and propagation