Swift relief

Oxygen is one of the critical factors for the aquatic life.

Under semi-intensive prawn farming the rate of depletion of DO is quite high. An acute drop DO levels is immediately noticed due to the severe restlessness of prawns and high mortality. However, farmers may not be able to monitor marginal drops which are not easily noticeable. But such low drops cause stress & make the culture weak, susceptible to diseases and reduce their growth rate. In such emergency situations normal mechanical process like aeration may prove to be too slow & too late.

Swift – Ox* is a solid source of active oxygen for aquaculture.
Swift – Ox* brings the assurance of a new life to your farm and ponds.
Swift – Ox*generates and swiftly releases the lifesaving oxygen and helps maintain Dissolved oxygen levels of the pond.
Swift – Ox* prevents the pond bottom conditions from deteriorating anaerobic.
Swift – Ox* improves farm yield and survivability