Faster Growth & Vitality

In culture of larval fish & juvenile prawns, management of the plankton forage is critical for successful transition of fish & prawn in their growth phases. Nutrient rich & naturally occurring phyto & zoo plankton is the primary source of live food for fish & prawn. Fish like Tilapia, carps & catfish thrive on plankton.

The availability of pond natural food and the mineralization of pond bottom appear to decrease with every culture cycle. Algae and plankton need fertilization for their growth; essential nutrients are required for proper sustenance.

Bloomer* is developed & perfected as a Granulated Organic Plankton Booster. Bloomer* contains both macro and micro ingredients that promotes and sustains optimal fertility in pond bottoms. It ensures a vibrant supply of food and nutrients—both in the water and substrate—upon which fish and  prawns stocks thrive.

Bloomer* ensures slow release of nutrients, providing nutrition for plankton over a sustained period of time thereby avoiding plankton blooms and crashes