Naturally healthy ponds !!

High stocking densities in aquaculture has brought “Good pond management” under intense focus.

The accumulation of waste compounds like unutilized feed, dead animals molts etc favours the growth of potentially harmful microorganisms at the pond bottom. Water quality plays an important role, in prawn health & growth.  Good pond management is crucial but complex and depends on the pond environment, stocked biomass, input of nutrients and continuous monitoring.

Bioremediation is a natural science based approach using benign bacterial species to control the accumulation of organic matter.  Bioremediation bacteria within Pro-XP*, utilize the organic matter as a source of nutrients. This reduces the amount of waste accumulating in the pond. By the production of enzymes these bacteria degrade accumulated organic matter.

Pro-XP* is an easy to apply, highly concentrated formula of organic waste digesting microbes & enzymes developed for use in fresh, brackish and salt water rearing and aquaculture prawns production. Use of Pro-XP* ensures improved water quality & condition of pond soil, resulting in a better environment for prawns with better growth & health status.

Farmers regularly using Pro-XP* experience cleaner pond bottoms,  reduced ammonia levels,  reduced blue green algae loads , reduced green vibrio counts, reduced disease outbreaks and Better feed efficiency & Increased profits