All Day Strong, All Day Long

Mineral ions in water have demonstrated to have significant roles on the growth, productivity and survival of prawns & fish.  Prawns, esp L.vannamei have been studied to be able to absorb minerals through their gills supplementing any deficiency in diet

Ionic composition of water plays an important role in the balance of the aquaculture system. Aqua-Marine* presents critical minerals & ions in dispersible bioavailable forms. Aqua-Marine* is a concentrated form of essential macro & micro minerals for prawns & fish culture.

Aqua-Marine* helps the prawn maintain osmotic pressure, by regulating exchange of water and solutes within the prawn body. Aqua-Marine* supplements vital minerals necessary for molting & shell formation thereby protecting from Loose Shell Syndrome (LSS) & alleviates from Tail cramping, soft shelling and incomplete molting of prawns.

Aqua-Marine* dramatically improves feed efficiency, growth & survival