High CEC Aquaculture Grade ‘Fast Acting’ Zeolite

Toxic gases like Ammonia(NH3) & Sulphides(H2S) released by decaying organic matter like unconsumed feed, dead prawns, molts, fecal matter etc. cause anaerobic conditions at the pond bottom. Nitrites (NO2−) & Sulfides (S2−) are the organic killers and can cause rapid and massive mortalities in aquaculture ponds.  Continued exposure to these toxics, even at low levels reduces the animal’s disease resistance, stunts growth and dramatically impacts yield. Prawns often feed much less in these conditions. They become desperate for Oxygen and swim on the water surface.

Express* Zeolite swiftly adsorbs toxic gases like ammonia, nitrite etc., raises Dissolved Oxygen levels & restores pond bottom vitality. Express* Zeolite is uniquely processed, so as to maximize its’ microporous molecular tetrahydra structure which traps these gases and neutralize them by ion exchange.