Liberates the locked phosphorus

Phosphorus is an essential nutrient in livestock diets. It affects growth, reproduction & performance.

Dietary Phosphorous is normally present as both organic and inorganic phosphorous.  The availability of organic phosphorous linked to plants like feed grains can be quite low, because the organic phosphorus is linked to phytate (phytic acid), which the bird cannot hydrolyze.

Phytases are digestive enzymes which release plant phosphorus from phytic acid. Adding En-Phy* to the diet increases phytate breakdown and consequent utilization of plant phosphorus.

If more organic phosphorus is available, then less of DCP (inorganic phosphorous) has to be added to the diet. This greatly reduces feed costs.

En-Phy* has a broad pH stability range & is essential to improve egg shell quality
En-Phy* is available in variety of concentrations.