Complete Intestinal Acidifier

Antibiotic growth promoters have been banned in many countries. In light of this situation, animal growers have been actively looking for an efficacious alternative.
Acid salts are the most promising alternative. Acids reduce gut pH which reduces the pathogenic bacterial count.  Non-dissociated (non-ionised, more lipophilic) acid salts can penetrate the bacteria cell wall and disrupt the normal physiology of pathogenic bacteria.

Protract* is a potent blend of protected organic & inorganic acid salts. The low pKa value of Protract* helps in protecting the animal’s gut from colonisation by enteropathogens such as, E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter and Clostridium. Reduction of pathogenic bacterial colonies in the small intestine prevents damage to the villi, which are essential for nutrient absorption.
The combination of protected organic & inorganic acid salts not only ensure rapid reduction of gut pH, but protected organic acid salts continue to release acids in a controlled mechanism throughout the digestive system of the bird.

Protract* leaves no residues and does not require any withdrawal time. Protract* also protects prepared feed from external contamination