Mycotoxin binder of choice

Mycotoxins usually enter the feed through mold infected ingredients. This mold infection may not be visible to the naked eye, but already many different mycotoxins have been released within the ingredient. Mold inhibitor in feeds only controls the growth of molds but is ineffective against mycotoxins already released in the feed. Different ingredients may carry different types of mycotoxins. Combination of toxins at low levels of toxicity also affect bird performance.

Tox-Nil* is composed of a combined variety of different HSCAS that are galvanized by a special process to obtain a coordinated effect increasing the capacity & spectrum of the mycotoxin binder. Tox-Nil* acts as an aflatoxin enterosorbent that tightly and selectively binds mycotoxins in the gastrointestinal tract of animals, decreasing their bioavailability & associated toxicities. Tox-Nil* adsorbs and retains 95% mycotoxins, which are passed away through feaces without causing damage to the birds.

Tox-Nil* is inert & safe for birds of all ages.  Tox-Nil* may be safely used with all feed additives, vitamin & mineral premixes. Tox-Nil* secures significant improvement in body weight, Reduction in F.C.R. & Decline in mortality rate.