Unstoppable Growth

“Fish” in modern aquaculture undergo many stress causing factors. Rapid growth expectations in a condensed time frame also affect the digestive system of fish. The fish digestive system is rather simplistic, unfamiliar to cope up with these new demands.

Fish like Tilapia, carps & catfish are naturally deficient in digestive enzymes as in nature they are plankton or detritus feeders and are rarely required to digest complex formulated diets. Exogenous Enzymes are now a well-proven and successful tool that helps in complete & proper digestion of feed nutrients in fishes.

ROCKET*is a potent combination of Direct Acting Enzymes. ROCKET*  makes proteins, fats & starches available to the fish in more simplified formats of amino acids, lipids & sugars respectively, thus easing nutrition uptake. The overall effect is improved feed utilization and a more ‘healthy’ growth rate.