Fat-Boost* trials were conducted for its’ efficacy for nutrient digestibility & growth improvement in L.vannamei (white shrimp)

The trials were conducted at Mr. Kanagaraj’s farm operated by Mr.Jayakumar, at Post. Kallimedu, Tk. Vedaranyam, Nagapattinam Dt. Tamil Nadu

The farm was specifically chosen as it experiences high salinites (upto 40 ppt) during the summer season of March – July. Such high salinites put the animal under high stress affecting its’ feed intake, growth and performance.

Fat-Boost* was hence tried for trials under the most challenging circumstances.

4 ponds were chosen, for the trial. The trial was conducted during April – June 2017. Fat-Boost* was administered @1 gm / Kg from Day 1 to Day of harvest.  Feed was distributed as per feed company recommendations. Best management practices were followed based on Farm Manager recommendations. No antibiotics were used during the culture period.

The Farm Manager made the following key observations on the trials

  1. Growth and growth rate were improved in ponds using Fat-Boost* inspite of high salinities
  2. Prawn gut was always observed to be full 1 hour after feed broadcast
  3. No white gut was observed in any shrimp during the entire period of culture
  4. No white fecal matter was observed during the entire period of culture
  5. No loose shell was observed in any prawn during the entire period of culture