Make your Fat work !

Fish oil & Vegetable oils are usually added to aquafeed to increase dietary energy concentrations. The efficient utilization of dietary fat requires digestion & absorption of fat in the gastrointestinal tract.

Ingested lipids undergo intestinal emulsification, digestion, micellar solubilisation, cell membrane permeation, intracellular esterification and incorporation into lipoproteins before release to the interstitial fluid.
Fat digestion takes place in an aqueous environment, however fat is not water soluble. Bile salts emulsify this fat with water. Research in fish & prawn indicate that secretion of inadequate amounts of bile salt, causes reduced ability to digest lipids.

This has led to considerable interest in the use of phospholipids as a means of enhancing the utilisation of fats in fish & prawn.

Fat-Boost* is a novel formulation of enzymatically modified lecithins like Phosphatidyl choline, Phosphotidyl Inositol, Phosphotidyl ethnolamine & Phosphotidic acid. Fat-Boost* provides superior emulsification properties, lowers the critical micelle concentration (CMC) & ensures higher absorption. This results in a substantial enhancement of energy & digestibility of fat. In addition, Fat-Boost* also provides an opportunity to manage feed cost, as expensive fish oil can be partially substituted with vegetable oil in fish & prawn diets.